Buffalo Slot Machine

Aristocrat’s Buffalo slot machine has been out for a long time.  The reason I post this is that I’m a new convert to it.  I never quite understood the appeal of it.  From afar it seemed like it was a low paying machine with poor graphics and sound.

This August a friend of mine twisted my arm into going with him to Vegas to “get our game on”.  We met some other tourists who insisted that Aristocrat’s Buffalo slot game was one of the best slot game’s ever made.  I had heard that before from other folks.  Anyway, we dispersed into the casino.  The Buffalo games at Harrah’s were pretty much full.  I waited around and watched them play.  After a while a machine opened up.  I put $40 in and started to play.

The “Extra Reel Power” moniker of Aristocrat’s games always confused me somewhat.  For those that have never played it, this series of games allows you to bet on each reel.  So you can bet 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 reels.  The bet per reel goes up as follows: 1 reel is 1 cent, 2 reels is a 5 cent bet, 3 is 10 cents, 4 is 20 cents, and 5 reels is a 40 cent bet.  The machine I was playing allowed 1-5 bets per reel which if you bet all five reels at 5, the max bet was $2.  What also confused me and kind of turned me off was that if you bet 5 reels you were betting on 1024 paylines.  I figured that since each payline was so cheap to buy, that the payout would reflect that.  In a way, it does.  The game, if only played for a little while will payout a bunch of small pays.  For instance you can get a win with just two 9′s.  I believe the pay for that is just 2 cents.

The real excitement I learned was in the stacked Buffalo’s.  They payout in 2 interesting ways.  The first would be on just a normal, non-free spin, win.  The pays are all grouped together as well.  For instance, if you win on multiple “lines”, each win combination will group together.  For example if you would have had 5 buffalo’s on 10 payline’s, the game groups all these lines together and flashes them all at once.  After a few wins, I adapted to this way of thinking and it made sense to me.  The real Kick to this game though is in the free spins.  You trigger free spins in a typical way.  You get 3-5 coin symbols on a scatter, which will give you 8, 10, or 15 free spins respectively.  Now, the REAL KICK.  Any wild symbols act as multipliers.  Each wild symbol will act as either a 2X or 3X multiplier and is cumulative so if you had two wilds showing 2X and 3X, the total multiplier would be 6X.  I think the theoretical maximum multiplier would 27X, but I never hit this.  Have any of you ever hit this?

Anyway, when you now hit a big set of Buffalo symbols, the payout can get huge.  I’m hooked now!  Anyone else a fan?


5 thoughts on “Buffalo Slot Machine

  1. All of our apps are “free to play”. So no actual money is changed other than the price to purchase the app.

    We didn’t realize it at the time but there are app’s in the itunes store that are “free” apps, but charge you money to buy credits to use in the game. This has become a popular model, not just for casino games, but also many other game genres as well. You still cannot cash in credits for actual money as this would be gambling and is illegal.

    One confusing thing I noticed about “in app purchases” which some competitor products use is that there is a period of time where the itunes system won’t prompt you for your password to approve the purchase.

    I would be curious to see if our customers would be interested in this “free” app model where you buy credits. Or if they prefer the one time purchase of $1.99 that we currently charge.


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