Happy belated Thanksgiving and “Black Friday”!

First off I’d like to say thanks for everyone’s support this year and hope you all have had a pleasant Thanksgiving.

As the world kicks off the unofficial beginning of the Christmas holiday, we here at Great World Games are hard at work putting finishing touches on our upcoming “Buffalo Gold” slot game app for the iPad, iPhone, and Kindle Fire.  Look for more info on this Video Slot App next week.

Also, “King’s Tomb Video Slot Machine”, the “best video slot in the itunes app store” will be coming soon to the Amazon Appstore.  It has been specifically tuned for the Kindle Fire.  It has been enhanced to the Kindle Fire tablet’s wide screen format.  We expect it to be released December 5th, 2011.

Stay tuned for an upcoming article on Random Number Generation (RNG) and some background on Slot Mathematics and how these two combine to make a great player experience.  Why do slot machines get hot?


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