The Best Video Slot Machine for the Kindle Fire

Following the successful launch of “King’s Tomb Video Slot Machine” for the iPad / iPhone, GWG is happy to announce that we are approved for sale in the Amazon Appstore.

“King’s Tomb Video Slot Machine” for Kindle Fire is now officially available in the Amazon Appstore.  Click the following link to purchase or preview it:


“King’s Tomb Video Slot Machine” – Kindle Fire has been authored specifically for the Kindle Fire device.  So the graphics have been authored at high resolution in it’s wide screen format.

It has been called the “Best Video Slot Game” for the Kindle Fire.  It is also compatible with other Android Tablet devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab’s.

You can get more info on our main website:

Stay tuned for more info….



2 thoughts on “The Best Video Slot Machine for the Kindle Fire

    • Sorry about that it’s up on their store now. Amazon first released it for Android devices, then about 5 days later it released for the Kindle Fire. They are still working the bugs out on their submission process.


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