Tarzan and Jane Slot Machine – Review

Had a chance to play Aristocrats “Tarzan and Jane” slot machine while in Las Vegas last week.

I only have time for a short review, but suffice it to say its a very fun and addictive game.  Combining two simultaneous 5×3 slot games, 243 ways to pay on each is great enough.  Scatter triggers (for the wheel) can trigger when combined between the two slot games.  Also, there are times when the two games combine to form wins.

Some of the more interesting interaction occurs when Tarzan wrestles with the ape.  The top reel set can get turned sideways and then combined with the lower reels for big pays.  The other bonuses are free spins and a wheel bonus.  Overall, this game is a hit!

We are kicking around the idea of producing a similar game for the ipad, Kindle, Nook, and Android sometime next year.  We would like to hear feedback from you on this. If this is your first visit here, be sure to checkout our current catalog of products on our main website: www.greatworldgames.com


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